Washington State Suing President Trump Over Immigration Ban, Stating “Illegal And Unconstitutional…”

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In a press conference today, Jan. 30, 2017, Washington state’s attorney general stated he is suing President Donald Trump. Trump’s executive order that suspended immigration from seven countries who  have a Muslim majority population has sparked protests nationwide from concerned citizens.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson is the first state attorney general to announce a legal action of this size against the Trump administration over one of it’s newest policies.

Ferguson stated, “It’s unconstitutional. You can’t do that. It violates the rule of law, and I will not put up with it. I won’t,” said Ferguson at the news conference. “In our view, The president is not adhering to the constitution when it comes to executive action.”

The lawsuit will ask the court to declare key provisions of the “extreme vetting order” to be unconstitutional and it seeks to reverse the policy nationwide. The video below is the entire press conference recorded.

You can watch the following recording courtesy of AP below:

Although the Attorney General believes that actions are illegal and
“unconstitutional,” only time will tell if this ploy will prove effective in Washington’s push to remove the temporary immigration ban.

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