People Ignore All Warnings, Refuse Social Distancing So They Can Crowd Woods, Beaches, Create Traffic Jams

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In the wake of the recent announcement from Kate Brown requesting that people stay home during the Pandemic, people are choosing to ignore the warning.

It’s been obvious to our government officials that the only way to stop the rampant spread of the COVID-19 virus is by social distancing which includes staying home unless you’re going out for absolute necessities.  COVID-19 virus is very deadly because the death rate is around 100-200% greater than the flu.  The flu kills around .1% (POINT ONE PERCENT) of its victims.  However, COVID-19’s average death rate according to is 1% or greater.  Some locations are even seeing rates up to 9% in other locations around the world.  With America’s population around 327,000,000 (2019) we could easily see a death total of 3,270,000 in the US alone as this virus makes it’s way around which is only 1% of the US population.  This is scary, but many people in Oregon right now aren’t really taking this seriously.

Since Oregon is near the Epicenter, Washington state, you would think we’d be a little more careful, but instead, the parking lots and even Oregon beaches are crowded and overflowing.

The beach is just one of the places people are finding respite during the COVIC-19 Pandemic, but the Columbia gorge was packed this weekend due to the influx of people wanting to get outdoors.

Hiking is one of the only safe activities to do during the COVID-19 outbreak, but after seeing the crowds, we’re starting to think that even hiking may put you at risk.  In fact, we may see further restrictions as COVID-19 spreads even faster than most people ever imagined it could.

ODOT also recently announced, “Expect big delays Tuesday on the Historic Columbia River Highway, ODOT will stop all traffic for more than 20 minutes at a time between 8 am to 4:30 pm at Horsetail Falls to remove trees threatening the road. Flaggers will control the closures. Crews will work to keep each closure to a minimum.

“Drivers should plan for delays and heavy traffic in the area,” the announcement concludes, in what is probably an understatement.” (via Willamette Week)

With all of this craziness, we would advise staying home. There’s no sense in putting others in danger.  Keep a good distance and staying home might be a very good idea.  Even The mayor of Warrenton, Ore is asking tourists to go home until this pandemic is over:

With such uncertainty and risk, why would we want to risk overcapacity at small coastal Oregon hospitals?  Please SHARE this with your friends and family.  Stay home, stay safe!

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