Oregon Resident Freezes To Death In Parking Garage After Being Evicted From Senior Housing For $338 Late Rent

Published 6 years ago -  - 6y ago

A woman named Karen Batts died January 7, 2017 from hypothermia in the Smart Park parking garage in Portland, Oregon. She was put on the streets after not paying $338 in late rent. Batts is the second person to freeze to death on Portland’s streets just in 2017.

Police were called to the parking garage after reports of a woman removing her clothes in the parking garage. This strange behavior is a result of hypothermia. Hypothermia victims will often remove clothing as the condition worsens, as nerve damage can cause feelings of extreme heat, as if they are on fire.

Batts, aged 52, had been living at a building for seniors and people with disabilities. The building that is managed by Cascade Management, Inc. and Northwest Housing Alternatives, LLC, was designed to be affordable for persons of limited means. Batts was evicted last October, as she was late at least seven days in paying $338 in rent, according to Multnomah County court records.

According to the Oregonian,  Batts had struggled a long time to maintain a permanent place of residence. She moved frequently and was also evicted in 1996 from a different affordable housing building. (Image for reference only via usuncut)

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