Massive Waves Crash Into Cape Disappointment, Nearly Killing Photographers And More…

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The Oregon coast has had some serious weather lately causing massive waves to crash into the coast AND the Washington coast.  This has caused a wonderful opportunity for photographers to get as close as they can to capture natures pure force, but sadly it’s claimed lives before and the lure of getting the perfect photo has caused loss of life.

This photo seen below shows just how serious the threat is. These photographers thought they could get the perfect shot at Cape Disappointment State Park, WA, but they were in for a real disappointment when a sneaker wave pushed lumber and other debris and then carried them out with it.

Even the smartest people think they can guess outsmart natures force, but sadly this photo shows just how foolish anyone is to dare and venture too close. Safety is important and most of us know that, but it takes on a whole new definition when you’re the one swept away.

The photo above was provided courtesy of G.F Photography on Facebook and was caught in the perfect time showing serious the danger is when venturing close to the shore in stormy weather.

The two photographers seen in the image luckily as we know are alive to tell the tale of their tale – but the photos they risked their lives to take are gone along with their equipment, valued at thousands of dollars.

Don’t let a photo opportunity cause yourself serious disappointment, injury and possible loss of life, be safe and don’t be fooled by the force and power of nature – stay away and be safe! Please SHARE this and tell others to be careful.

The other images below were also provided by G.F Photography on Facebook showing just how serious the power of mother nature can be.

Please SHARE this story with your friends and family, it’s seriously dangerous and nobody should venture close in times like this!

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