The 20 funniest snow tweets from Portlanders are too good

Published 5 years ago -  - 5y ago

1. Accurate


2. You don’t get it Kayla!


3. Cali residents lovin’ it!


4. Ohhh that’s a bummer :/


5. New legislation anyone?


6. Ketan was kid who told other kids Santa doesn’t exist.


7. That was probably my mom


8. Hold my beer


9. @FBI you see this yet?


10. I knew that was coming


11. Ok that was ONE time


12. Kids nowadays amirite?


13. A+ for effort


14. Nike come get your bike from this guy


15. “insert cat post here”


16. It also snowed in Portland Maine but nobody cares


17. 18 year-olds with beamers activate


18. Cheap shot!


19. Live it up while it lasts


20. Emily is right, let’s go home!


Good fun good fun! Be safe everyone!

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